Visitor Pass

Visitors are welcome at Chester Tennis Club!

All visitors must be registered through this website. The club is obligated to continue COVID tracking so we have to know when people are using the facility.

After clicking the, “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this Visitor Pass Purchase page, an email will be sent to the email address you provided. The email will contain a link which, when clicked on, will confirm your agreement to adhere to our terms, conditions, waivers, and code-of-conduct – and return you to this website where you may log in and make a court reservation. When making a court reservation, please ensure you pick your own name from the players’ names dropdown list.

Please note your purchase here is for a single player’s one-time use of our facilities. Others with whom you wish to play must purchase their own passes.

We highly recommend you check the Court Status page before purchasing a pass to determine whether your desired court time is available.

Visitors may purchase passes to play three times. If visitors wish to play more than three times, they must join the club and purchase a membership.

Enjoy your game!